October 1, 2023

The new phone application “Skim” is the latest instant-delete messaging software available to smartphone users.

Unlike regular text messages, “Skim” allows for instant removal of a text from personal records, similar to “Snapchat’s” ability to delete pictures seconds after it has been opened.

Once a text message is opened, “Skim” will begin to erase the message one word at a time.

Released by the company Shipp in October, “Skim” is relatively new to the application scene and is not yet well-known.

Katy Clements, junior English major, said she had no idea what it was and thinks it is not a priority to have right now

“I think it is a cool app, but I would get around to downloading it later,” Clements said.

Users can only send and receive messages within the application.

“I would use it if my friends were on ‘Skim,’” said Simone Fuentes, sophomore liberal studies major.

Alicia Lagos, freshman psychology major, said “Skim” has the potential to become something big in the future, and she will tell her friends about it.

When chatting on “Skim,” the user is automatically returned to the home screen once the message is done.

“Skim” is only available on the iPhone, and is free for a limited time on iTunes. It has not been announced when users will be charged or the potential cost.

According to its Twitter page, “Skim” will be released for Android in coming months.

However, “Skim” acquires more users to use the mobile application, it provides little competition for “Snapchat.”

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