Diet soda increases weight gain

Diet — this word usually correlates with health and weight loss. However, when it comes to diet soda, it could mean the opposite.

Sugar-free and artificially sweetened diet drinks may seem like a good alternative to regular sodas, but they can have negative results.

“Soda companies take out the sugar and carbs in regular drinks to make it healthier,” said Matthew Carter, junior healthcare administration major. “What are the artificial chemicals that they are putting in the diet drinks to compensate for the absences of those other ingredients?”

Aspartame is the main artificial sweetener in diet sodas. This artificial chemical may taste good during consumption, but can cause serious side effects later.

“I know that aspartame leads to many health problems such as brain defects, birth defects and seizures,” Carter explained. “It can also cause many other side affects, including headaches, dizziness, memory loss and tremors. These are just the beginning.”

One may not drink diet soda for the taste, but in hopes to lose weight. However, diet sodas can have the reverse effect.

“Purdue researchers reported results that suggested that artificial sweeteners in beverages interfere with the body’s natural ability to recognize calorie content of the beverage,” said Dr. Margaret Barth, director of the Nutrition and Food Sciences program at California Baptist University. “They adversely impact the body’s ability to regulate appetite.”

Diet soda ingredients can be a harmful option when searching for something cold and refreshing. Instead of drinking diet sodas, one might be better off drinking regular soda or sticking to water.

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