March 2, 2024

Dr. Veola Vasquez, associate dean for the School of Behavioral Sciences and associate professor of psychology at California Baptist University, juggles more than just being a full-time mom and professor; she also writes children books.

“I’ve been writing since I was in junior high school,” Vasquez said. “I just always wanted to write, so I would sit in my mom’s office and I would type stories on her computer.”

Writing was a passion Vazquez would work toward as she earned her bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees.

Upon obtaining her bachelor’s degree at CBU with a double degree in psychology and Spanish, Vasquez completed both her master’s and doctoral degree in clinical psychology at Biola University.

Vasquez said she has always felt in her heart since she was in high school that psychology could be a way for her to help people in their circumstances.

“Other than being intrigued, I felt like I really want to be a part of helping people heal from their hurts, and I’ve always felt drawn to that, whether in direct service as a psychologist or in helping people understand the role of Christ in their life,” Vasquez said.

Outside of CBU, Vasquez has been a children’s book author and independent publisher since 2007.

Vasquez said what initially drew her to writing children’s books was her clinical work. She said she enjoyed working with people because she can understand the way they think and the struggles they undergo.

Vasquez is currently in the process of writing a three-book series about a 12-year-old boy who is labeled a nerd and deals with hyperactivity and impulsivity.

Vasquez said the character in the book deals with struggles many children have. He tries to overcome them and by doing so, collects coins that help him understand what lessons God has for him.

Vasquez said the first book, “The Nickel Nuisance,” is available on Amazon. The second book, “The Penny Predicament,” will be released May 1 and will also be sold on Amazon.

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