March 21, 2023

Coe Michaelson, head coach of the men’s soccer team, finished his first year at California Baptist University with an overall record of 12-6.

Coming from Northwest Nazarene University in Idaho, Michaelson said he was drawn to CBU because of the atmosphere.

“CBU is a place that I could be incredibly ambitious with my program and this was very appealing,” Coe said. “CBU is known for its top tier athletics program, and I couldn’t
pass on the chance to be a part of that.”

Coe’s coaching style requires him to know each individual player, because everyone differs. Michaelson said it is important to know details in order for them to work well together.

“They don’t come off an assembly line and they aren’t all put together the same, so as a coach it’s important to know your players, who they are, what makes them tick, how they respond to different situations and this will help you to know how to help pull what the team needs out of each unique individual,” Coe said.

Before preparing for a game, Michaelson said he likes to ensure every detail and event is taken care of so his players can be better prepared and focused. Michaelson led the team to 12 wins in his first season, doubling the success of last season. Michaelson said despite the outcome of this season, he is optimistic for the seasons ahead.

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