March 21, 2023

Being named the Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference’s Athlete of the Year during the 2015-2016 season and setting an NCAA Division II consideration time in the 1650 freestyle this season, Christie Halverson, junior nursing major, has made quite a name for herself on the women’s swim team at California Baptist University.

Halverson said on the non-development side of swim, her season is going well, as opposed to last season.

“I learned how to incorporate God with my sport, which is something I have struggled with through high school,” Halverson said. “Just how to swim for the Lord and glorify him.”

On the swim side, Halverson said things are starting off well for her.

“It’s hard to tell as far as times and performances go,” Halverson said. “Our dual meets that we have in early October and November at this time in the season we are always so broken down and tired. By the time we swim on Saturday, our times aren’t always accurate or reflections of how we actually are.”

Halverson further added she is going into this season with a similar mindset building from last season.

“I’m so thankful for it and I’m going in this season with the same principle, but it’s a little bit different because sometimes it worries me,” Halverson said. “I feel more pressure just in light of everything that happened last season but it’s almost like how do you build on that, how can I come back strong in a way that still glorifies the Lord.”

Rick Rowland, head swim coach, said Halverson is a humble leader, even after her major accomplishments from this past season at CBU.

“She’s balanced both in the classroom and in the pool,” Rowland said. “She was both an academic and athletic All-American this past year, which is rare. She was also an NCAA champion in the 1000 meter freestyle last year, which puts her in a unique place in CBU sports history.”

Rowland added that Halverson also interacts well with the team.

“She spends a lot of time interacting via group messages, emails and team meetings and shares with the women during team meetings where the team is going, the focus, team issues and team activities and daily information on more than 10-12 practices a week,” Rowland said. “She is a form of communication between coaching staff and team.”

Halverson came to CBU because she wanted to come to a smaller Christian school and wanted to become a nurse because she’s always enjoyed being service-oriented.

“I was looking for swimming and nursing, and CBU had everything and it just fit,” Halverson said. “I’ve always wanted to help people, and the medical field has always been interesting because I’m interested in the human body. I know nurses get more patient contact than doctors, so I liked the service aspect.”

Halverson said swimming was always a part of her life.

“I don’t know what lead me to choose swimming — I think the more athletic side of me — and I ended up going for that instead,” Halverson said. “It started to fit with my identity more.”

After graduating, Halverson said she is focusing on wherever God leads her.

“I just know I want to be helping people somewhere,” she said.

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