July 13, 2024

After showcasing her talent as a rookie on California Baptist University’s softball team, Caitlyn Lloyd, freshman journalism and new media major and left fielder, received a PacWest Athlete of the Week honor.

Lloyd said her passion for softball started at a young age and grew with the support of her family and coaches.

“A lot of family and friends have been supportive with long hours at the field and long practices. I used to make my (older) sister wear a helmet when we played catch so I didn’t hurt her,” Lloyd said. “My coach growing up, Jeff Tracey, taught me everything I know, and it got to a point that I knew as much as he did. We started coaching younger players together and that’s where the passion really came out.”

Bill Baber, California Baptist University head coach, said Lloyd’s attitude and competitiveness make her stand outthe most.

“Her attitude out there — she works hard. You can see that in the outfield; she goes all out. She has a great attitude and that’s what we look for when we’re watching games,” Baber said. “How they act in the dugout, on the field, off the field, with their parents — you could tell she had a really good attitude all the way around.”

Soraya Shahbazian, sophomore business marketing major and center fielder, competed against Lloyd before they both arrived at CBU. Shahbazian said since becoming teammates with Lloyd, she has taken notice of her competitive nature.

“She definitely brings a big competitive edge. I know when I’m in center field I’m competing with her when she’s in left or when we’re hitting,” Shahbazian said. “She’s always ready to bring it. She’s been working very hard in left field, and always brings her A-game. Her confidence is huge and you can see it when she’s up to bat or on the field.”

Lloyd’s competitive nature is a present characteristic in her softball career and said it has guided her to develop goals while advancing her athletic career on the softball team.

“Obviously, as a team, we want to win a PacWest championship. We want to make it to the World Series; that’s a big goal of ours,” Lloyd said.

Although she would like to do well individually, Lloyd said it is never about the individual player but rather the team.

“Ultimately, the way that the team works it’s team before me. Winning a PacWest title, however I can contribute to that, is ultimately the biggest goal,” Lloyd said. “Whether I sit the bench and be a cheerleader or contribute on the field, it’s how we do as a team.”

The team holds an overall record of 6-5. The team will travel Feb. 25 for a game against Concordia University Irvine.

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