July 24, 2024

The California Baptist University cross country team started the 2018 season with a dominant debut as a Division I program, after making a name for itself competing at the NCAA Division II level last season.

Both men’s and women’s cross country teams started strong with the women coming in 2nd place and the men finishing 5th at the UC Riverside Invitational. This time, with the help and guidance from another new addition to the team.

Adam Tribble, former assistant coach at The University of Alabama and new cross country head coach, said he is more than ready to take the next step and transition as the head coach for the Lancers.

“Every place and every situ- ation is dierent when coach- ing,” Tribble said. “It’s more personal (at CBU) and there is a more intimate environment. I am very blessed and happy to be at CBU.”

Nathaniel Wong, sophomore mechanical engineering major, said he feels confident going into the season with the addi- tion of Coach Tribble.

“Going into the season, I feel pretty good and am responding well to the new coach,” Wong said. “I am super-excited to see how well we can do against the new competition and everyone seems to be injury-free.”

Emeline Delanis, senior business administration major, said she has high hopes for the team and believes they are going to be strong competitors in the upcoming races.

“I know we have the potential to do great things and I have no doubt we can win conference this year,” Delanis said. “There are a lot of new freshmen and I feel like the team is getting stronger and stronger.”

As for the mindset going fur- ther as a team, Wong said he believes that if one works hard for the results and gives 100 percent to the sport, the team will become successful.

“While training, it never gets easier, you just get faster,” Wong said. “The title of DI seems scary but come race day we have to race the new teams, so you train and rise up to the occasion. If you want to be good you have to train hard at any level.”

Knowing the team cannot participate in nationals and re- gionals because of the switch to DI, Delanis has all the con- fidence in her teammates to achieve success going further.

“As a team we are still looking for the win in the Western Athletic Conference,” Delanis said. “Running with DI schools allows us to run with the best runners.”

The team’s next race will be Sept. 29 in Minneapolis, Minn., where it will face oagainst the University of Minnesota in the Roy Griak Invitational.

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