June 23, 2024

As basketball season approaches, the California Baptist University men’s basketball team is gearing up by recruit- ing Division I-caliber athletes, including Fairfield University transfer Ferron Flavors Jr., a junior business management major and guard.

To help prepare and elevate their game, men’s basketball recruited players who have already played at the Division I level over the last two years.

Mike Henn, a sophomore business administration major and transfer from the University of California, Davis, and Zach Pirog, a senior criminal justice major and transfer from the University of Nebraska, Oma- ha, transferred to CBU in 2017.

These transfers both utilized redshirt seasons last year and will join Flavors in making their Lancer debut with DI experience under their belt.

Head men’s basketball coach Rick Croy said Flavors stands out from other DI athletes because of his passion.

“Ferron has a tremendous passion for the game,” Croy said. “He wants to improve and get better every day and those are the kinds of people we want to build a program around. He just loves the game and he loves the team.”

As the season begins, Flavors said he is grateful to be a part of the CBU family and play closer to his hometown.

“I am excited about coming here,” Flavors said. “I can help build a program so when people look back they can say that I helped start this.”

As a player, Croy said Flavors will help elevate the basketball team.

“Ferron is a really good player and he will fit really well in our system,” Croy said. “There is no question that he will make our program better.”

In Flavors’ freshman year, he averaged 17 points at Fair- field. In addition, his willingness to be a leader will make a contribution for the 2018 Lancer team.

“I have been waiting for this opportunity to be a leader,” Flavors said. “It feels different being a junior, but I have al- ways felt I was a leader since I started playing. (I’m really look- ing forward to stepping) into a leadership role and helping lead the guys and guide them and prepare them mentally for the game.”

As the season approaches, Bul Kuol, junior business ad- ministration major and for- ward, said he is excited for Flavors to be a part of the team.

“Ferron has a lot of experience and knowledge, but the best thing about Ferron is that he is a great teammate,” Kuol said. “In a short time, he is already a part of the system and he has done great things. It did not take him long to acclimate. He is definitely going to do great things.”

Before Flavors suits up for basketball season, he will first participate in Midnight Madness with the rest of the team. As a transfer, Flavors said he was unfamiliar at first with the CBU tradition but is looking forward to the event.

“I saw a video last year and it looks like a lot of fun,” Flavors said. “I plan on doing the three- point contest.”

As basketball season approaches, students should be on the lookout for Flavors, Pirog, and Henn as they make their name known as Lancers.

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