December 3, 2023

California Baptist University’s swim and dive team ended its first half of the season on a high note and is looking to keep improving after two weeks of Christmas break training.

“The morale is strong enough that we made it through (Christmas training) as a team,” said Rick Rowland, head coach of swim and dive. “We trained really hard but we also had a lot of fun at the same time doing some di erent things that are quite unique.”

During training over the break, apart from putting in more hours in the pool, Rowland mixed things up to bring the team together by scoring relays in teams, running up Mount Rubidoux and holding lip–syncing contests.

“Typically, what we find out after a good two weeks of Christmas break training is usually a rebound off that a couple weeks later and swim pretty well,” Rowland said.

He said he believes that “the proof is in the pudding,” and the team put in the time during Christmas training.

Rowland said he expects to see solid performances from the team in the upcoming meets against the University of California, San Diego, and Air Force Academy.

The training week gave swimmers a boost.

“I feel stronger after (that) week; it boosts my confidence,” said David Miller, freshman nutrition and food sciences major.

Over the break, both the men’s and women’s teams had a dual meet against WAC opponents University of Wyoming and Grand Canyon University. The men lost both meets and the women won against GCU.

“We struggled against the two WAC opponents but we were also coming off a tough week. I think in the future we’ll be able to beat them,” Miller said.

The tough training week plays a major factor in the men’s team loss.

“We were all just super-beat up and tired,” said Scott Tolman, junior computer science major. “Knowing that we could still put up a really good score against them, as we were really tired, we’re going to look really good at WAC.”

The women’s team got a boost of confidence following their win against GCU.

“We surprised ourselves,” said Isabella Rhodes, redshirt and freshman civil engineering major. “We did really well against our WAC opponent. It’s good for our confidence going into conference.”

Approaching the end of the season, the whole team is mo- tivated to finish on a high note.

“I feel like the (team) got a new energy in them. (We) also got a little more motivated,,” Tolman said. “Because we’re on the last stretch, we’re all just feeling really good.”

The WAC Conference Championships are Feb. 27 to Mar. 2 at the University of Houston and both men’s and women’s teams have three more meets before competing.

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