March 24, 2023

As Valentine’s Day ap- proaches, many people with- out a significant other can easily find a distaste for the romantic holiday.

However, being single on Valentine’s Day does not have to be lonely, and many people have found alternative plans to still make the holiday en- joyable.

Victoria Buszinski, sophomore public relations ma- jor, said that over the years, hanging out with her girl friends for “Galentine’s Day” has been one of the most fun ways to celebrate.

“I have a friend who throws Galentine’s yearly. We dress up and go out to eat and bring Valentines and gifts,” Buszinski said. “It’s really fun to get creative and make the best of the holiday by cele- brating the people that you love, even if you don’t have a boyfriend or girlfriend.”

Other people use the holiday to be reminded of their love for their families and to spoil them.

Anthony Navarro, freshman undeclared major, said he uses this time of year to show his mom and grandmothers how much he appreciates them by making sure they are spoiled on Valentine’s Day.

“I always buy my mom and my grandmothers flowers, and flowers for others I care about as well. I’m basically Oprah with flowers. Some Valentine’s Days my friends and I get a pizza and watch rom-coms on Netflix. It’s a great day,” Navarro said.

Men and women alike are becoming more excited by the idea of ignoring Valentine’s Day stereotypes and using the “lovey-dovey” holiday as a way to celebrate the valuable friendships they have.

For college students, there are many different ways to celebrate with friends. Whether that means celebrating Galentine’s Day with a girl’s night, bringing flowers to loved ones or binge-watching Netflix, spending time with loved ones is what Valentine’s Day is all about.

Grantham Wash, freshman Christian studies major, said his friends plan to celebrate their hall brotherhood.

“This Valentine’s Day I’m choosing to spend time with my lovely mom, but my hall brothers are planning a ‘Super Smash Brothers’ marathon. It’s one of the best ways to celebrate,” Wash said.

Whether or not people find themselves single this Valentine’s Day, finding new ways to show others love and doing something more meaningful than teddy bears and chocolates can be a much more caring celebration.

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