April 19, 2024

Missionary trips are an op- portunity for students to travel and provide the outreach for empowered services globally.

Exposure to a greater level of cultural differences can transform the lives of countless young minds.

One college student who was impacted by missionary trips is Jennifer Amaya, senior health science major. After years of traveling as a missionary to Honduras, she found her purpose as the secretary and founder of the Great Commission Crew. This nonprofit organization was established in 2007 and focuses on improving the lives of people living in poverty-stricken towns in Honduras.

Amaya said the organization works toward donating clothes, food and places for devotion.

“The humanitarian effort is important, but we don’t make that the most important part,” Amaya said. “We know if we focus on providing the word of God, it will be something that will forever be with them.”

Working alongside Jennifer Amaya is her father Victor Amaya, the director and co-founder of GCC. Victor Amaya said he was willing to help his daughter invest her time to witness people commit their lives to Christ.

“Seeing the desire of my daughter to want to share the love of Christ with the people of Honduras inspired me to create the Great Commission Crew,” Victor Amaya said. “I also felt driven to show the people who Jesus Christ really is and what he can do in their lives. “

Successfully running a non- profit organization requires hard work and a multitude of helping hands. Jennifer Amaya said that GCC focuses the majority of the year on planning fundraisers.

“I also have my dad’s family who lives in Honduras and we help equip them to be able to serve people throughout the year,” Jennifer Amaya said.

Another frequent contributor to the organization is Amaya’s boyfriend, Martin Martinez, treasurer of GCC. Martinez said his role consists of overseeing the organization’s financial activities and preparing the team spiritually.

“Having the privilege to be able to be part of such an amazing team has allowed me to learn more of what truly the body of Christ and church is all about,” Martinez said.

For GCC to thrive, team members work year-round and prepare to visit impoverished communities in Honduras.

“We have collected Spanish Bibles, clothing for all ages, school supplies and any other donation given to GCC,” Martinez said.

No matter the contribution, whether large or small, any act of kindness can make a positive impact in others’ lives. Missionary opportunities such as the GCC serve as an open door for young adults to become more involved.

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