September 28, 2023

Intramural sports teams at California Baptist University are in need of referees. Community Life is looking to hire people to join their community.

Marnie Kavern, program coordinator of intramural sports, said being a referee for intramural sports is a great way to build relationships and enjoy hobbies with new friends. She said it is a good way to connect withother CBU students while watching sports and learning more about the different sports. 

“It’s a great way to show leadership and good experience on a resume moving forward,” Kavern said. “That’s a great skill to have – conflict management in general”

Several CBU student-athletes have become referees, but Kavern said Community Life is always searching for refereeing help with each new semester.

“We are always looking to hire people and bring them into the community that we build, and we get to work with them and invest in them,” Kavern said. “So we always love having more students come out.”

Kavern added some sports are harder to referee than others. For instance, team sports such as football and basketball can be more complicated to officiate for students, but Kavern said many intramural referees find a new community in fellow student referees.

“(Refereeing) is a great way to meet the student body and build relationships and build connections,” Kavern said. “A lot of our refs do things outside of reffing together.”

Students interested can contact (951)343-4425 or visit the Community Life office for more information on becoming an intramural referee at CBU.

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