July 13, 2024

Uber will cease giving rides to customers at Ontario International Airport as a result of increased fees. The company stopped the service starting Sept. 13.

The Ontario International Airport increased fees July 1 for Uber drivers to $4 for passenger pickups and another $4 for drop-offs. Other modes of transportation, such as regular taxi cabs and limousines, are charged only a $3 fee, which covers both the drop-off and pickup.

As a result of increasing Uber’s fees, the company has decided to end its service to and from Ontario International Airport.

Ben Tower, an Uber driver, approved of the company’s decision.

“Uber wants to keep making money, not lose profit. It seems like a smart decision on their part,” Tower said.

Tower is just one of many drivers who is being affected by Uber’s decision.

Uber drivers must now be more cautious of where customers choose as an end location. In the long run, Uber drivers may lose customers because airports tend to be a hot spot for pickups.

Kimya Toussi, sophomore undeclared major, believes there are many other transportation options for students to choose instead of Uber.

“It doesn’t really seem like a big deal. I live on campus because I live too far away to commute and I would use Uber to get to my airport. I guess I’ll just have to use a different transportation app,” Toussi said.

Marc Lemieux, senior Christian studies major, did not agree with Uber’s decision.

“It is a ridiculous decision for Uber to have chosen. Uber is a business. Customers are dependent on businesses such as Uber to provide them with rides to their desired location,” Lemieux said.

Uber reported that its total gross bookings for its ride service and food-delivery business accumulated $50 billion in 2018. 

This shows the company is financially stable enough to succeed without business from the Ontario International Airport, which likely influenced its business decision.

From a business perspective, the airport continuously wants to improve not only for itself but for its air travelers. Many different investment plans are going to be made. These plans will determine the success of Uber and their employees. 

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