April 20, 2024

According to the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center, suicide is the second leading cause of death among college students in the United States.

The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH found that 11.7 deaths out of every 1,000 in the U.S. are caused by suicide. That rate makes suicide the tenth leading cause of death overall.

Suicide is a scary topic which is very much real. This was once again brought to national attention with the recent death of Rutgers University music student Tyler Clementi.

Clementi was filmed, without consent, by his roommate as he participated in private activities with another student. When his roommate put the video on the Internet, Clementi ended up taking his own life by jumping off the George Washington Bridge.

Depression and a lack of social support are the main causes of suicidal thoughts. Other causes include family history of mental disorder or suicide, drug abuse and family violence or abuse. These factors do not always result in suicide, but there is always the possibility.

It is often assumed that depression is the only sign of suicidal thoughts but this is not the case; there are many other warning signs.

The California Baptist University Counseling Center newsletter stated that the most important signs to pay attention to, if it is believed that someone is at risk for suicidal thoughts, are “preoccupation with death, abrupt changes in behavior or mood and loss of interest in activities normally found interesting.”

According to the NIMH, there are several actions one can take if someone is demonstrating these warning signs. These include never leaving the person alone and reminding them that there is help available. The NIMH also suggests referring them to their doctor and “prevent[ing] them from having access to any potential tools for suicide.”

Counseling can give one the social support that is needed to battle suicidal feelings. CBU offers free counseling sessions available to students in need of support.

The Counseling Center is located across Adams Street on the second floor of the CBU School of Engineering building. It offers Christian-based counseling to students free of charge.

The fact that the center offers Christian-based counseling makes it unique for the demographic at CBU and allows counselors to connect with clients on a level that most counselors cannot reach.

Most other counselors either do not share their religious views with their clients or they do not hold Christian views. This makes it dif- ficult for them to connect with the values that a Christian student holds most dear. At CBU, counselors use the Bible to assist them with their counseling and can connect openly with the students’ Christian values.

The CBU Counseling Center knows that suicide is a serious issue, therefore, there is an on-call counselor that is available in emergency situations.

Suicide is a tragic part of the American society. It is not a subject that affects few, but many. CBU students have a valuable resource at their disposal with a counseling center that stresses the fact that God is in charge. At CBU, students are reminded of that daily. Be there, be a friend, be a listener and help eliminate suicide.