July 25, 2024

Most people do not think about it but healthy nails are essential to your overall health. Since we use our hands for everything, clean and groomed nails are essential because they show how well you take care of your body. Plus, nails can show a lot about a person’s overall hygiene.

Clean and groomed nails can be a big deal in the professional world. Professions in business, sales, teaching, nursing and the food industry require that employees have healthy nails so they can gain the respect of the people around them. Think about it: You would not want food that was handled by hands with chipped nail polish, would you?

Nails tell a lot about a person’s overall health and appearance. In order to have healthy nails there are a few habits that you should avoid in order to make your nails look as good as possible.

Drinking alcohol and smoking makes your nails less healthy, believe it or not. Chemicals from smoking can go into your blood stream and into the tissues of your nails. This can make them brittle and turn a yellowish color. If you want your nails to look as good as possible, pass on these bad habits.

It is also not a good habit to bite your nails because everything you touch, that everyone else has touched, goes right into your mouth.

Moreover, keep your nails dry. Prolonging the exposure of your hands to water causes nail weakness or fungus. To prevent this, wear rubber gloves when you do your dishes.

Strong nails are very important for handling things but if you have nails that are brittle or break easily there are many nail polishes such as Hard Nails by Sally Hansen that promotes growth and nail strength. Once they grow out you can file them weekly in order to maintain their shape.

Trimming your nails is essential to making your nails look neat and clean. When you clip your nails weekly or file them, they tend to grow faster and stronger. Instead of going to get a manicure consider buying your own at-home kit, which has tools such as a cuticle pusher, filer and fine scissors to remove dead skin cells.

You do not have to spend a lot of money to have healthy nails. There are things you can do that may get costly like getting monthly pedicures or taking vitamins. However, vitamins are a good investment to overall health.

Biotin is a vitamin that has been proven to help strengthen nails and increase actual nail thickness. In a Nail M.D. scientific study report, a test was conducted in Sweden concluding that over 25 percent of people who took biotin saw a difference.

Our nails are made of keratin, which is a protein that forms our teeth, nails and skin. Without protein, nails can easily split and break. To maintain protein levels try foods such as fish, chicken, eggs, lentils or almonds.

Fatty acids are also essential for overall nail health. Foods such as soybeans, broccoli and pumpkin seeds all contain fatty acids. There is also the option to take fatty acids in the form of vitamins, such as Omega 3, which can be bought over-the-counter as well.

Since spring is here, having healthy, shiny, strong nails is important in the workplace, school and at home.

Take the time to take care of yourself and your nails so that your nails will look better than ever before.