May 27, 2023

Dealing with negative feel- ings can be difficult but it is especially so for those who do not know how to express those feelings in a positive way.

Many times when people try to handle their emotions on their own, they end up failing to see how it affects not just their disposition but everything else they do.

“We want clients to better express their feelings,” Ramona Carver, an intern at the Health and Wellness Center, said.

Carver explained that when a person tries to cover up their feelings and deal with it them- selves, those feelings can end up affecting all aspects of their life.

The challenge becomes ap- parent when someone wants to let out their feelings but does not know how.

“Some people don’t know how to express or know what their feelings are,” Carver said.

At the Health and Wellness Center, one can learn how to express their emotions through the guidance of the counselors, as well as their recommended therapies for self-expression.

Some of the therapies sug- gested at the Health and Wellness Center are simple yet effective such as keeping a jour- nal or making creative art.

Another method suggested to clients is decorating a mask or a therapy box that compares how they are perceived by oth- ers on the outside and how they really are on the inside.

In the article “Ways to Cope with Negative Feelings,” by Naomi Wolf, eight important methods of releasing nega- tive emotions like seeking to understand and accept your emotions, how to communi- cate with others about your feelings and limiting yourself from being controlled by your emotions.

These key components, along with individual meth- ods of relieving stress such as sports, art, music and any oth- er area of interest are impera- tive when trying to deal with these feelings individually.

However, it is even more important not to rely on hob- bies alone.

Depending on the severity of these negative feelings one may require help from a li- censed professional.

Many times when people find themselves unable to cope with, understand or express their feelings, a professional can help them through and it seems to be donemore easily than if they choose to go at it alone.

The key thing that people need help with is simply “not being happy,” Carver explains. He said the professionals in the Wellness Center can help students find the source of their anxiety, express and get through it to find the happi- ness they search for.

It is also crucial to remem- ber that God is present and can help through this and any other tough times.

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