December 8, 2023

Forever is a long time. Many promise forever to a spouse, but holding onto makeup forever can be bad for your health.

During the thrill of the purchase, women do not always think to ask about the expiration date or when to throw their makeup away.

“I don’t think about throwing out makeup, unless it’s my mascara that is dried up,” said Gabriella Landeros, freshman kinesiology major.

Landeros further explained that she has never asked about expiration dates on makeup when buying. Many people are unaware that there are expiration dates on cosmetics.

Product expiration dates are not always explict. The trouble with expiration dates is that the Food and Drug Administration does not set criteria for companies to make expiration dates, but rather they set guidelines for manufacturers.

It is at the discrepancy of the manufacturer, not the cosmetic company, leaving a “gray” area for definitive answers on expiration dates.

With uncertain guidelines on how cosmetics should be labeled and who sets the standards, it is important to remember that cosmetics can harbor bacteria and can cause bacterial infections.

“Most products, including makeup, that have an expiration date will have them printed on the package,” said Amber Dean, makeup artist for MAC cosmetics. “In general, products don’t always go bad, but if a cosmetic is a liquid or cream product, it is best to not have it longer than the expiration date because the product will start to breakdown and lose the consistency of what it was meant to be.”

Regardless of the standards that are set by manufacturers, a little common sense and the human nose can go a long way. If a product no longer smells or has the same consistency as it did when first purchased, it is time to throw it out.

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