September 28, 2023

RA staff member CJ Lacuesta and Paul Im build furniture and clean up the rooms in Tower Hall preparing for the incoming residential students for the 2013-2014 school year.

Heading back to school is a striking time of emotions for students, especially when they get to meet new classmates and reconnect with friends after summer break.

The first thing residents at California Baptist University do the moment they arrive on campus is get placed in their housing assignment.

Part of that task is to ensure that everything is clean and properly working.

“As a resident adviser, I am supposed to go through each apartment and make sure that there are no problems,” said Noelle Houck, junior environmental science major. “Initially, the maintenance staff does go through and clean all the living areas before any of the students move in.”

With the moving of couches,  adjusting of beds, and flicking of light switches, there is always the possibility of something not working.

“I personally like to go through and double-check everything in my own apartment so I know everything is working and I will even go through and clean everything as well, but that is just my personal preference,” Houck said.

Jay Stovall, CBU resident director of Tower Hall said, “Each living area is different, but before new students move in, Residence Life notifies the maintenance staff and the cleaning folks come through to clean the apartments.”

Cleaning should not be a worry for any students at all. It is always checked and double-checked by the resident advisers. As long as the furniture does not go outside, then the furniture is free to be arranged within the living area.

Students seeking to get acquainted with the housing facilities should contact their resident adviser for  resources, and for more information about their residential community.

RAs will serve as a great mentor in better connecting the students with topportunities available through their residence complex.

For both new  students and returning students, it is an exciting time to check out the living areas and see what each one has to offer.

Ultimately, the cleanliness and opportunities provided for  students within the living areas make the CBU experience one to remember.


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