January 31, 2023

By Hannah Llop | Assistant Health Editor

Midterms and finals week are often taxing for college students; however, the cure for a demanding workload may come in cute, small and furry packages — puppies.

The joy that seeps from puppies is a harmless way to sneak relief into the tiring life of a college student.

Colleges around the U.S. are becoming more open to the idea of having free playtime with puppies to help students lower stress.

One such university implementing the idea of puppy- playing is Davidson College in North Carolina.

“Playing with puppies during finals is really fun. I definitely look forward to the Puppy Extravaganza to start off midterms and finals.” said Emily Kent, sophomore economics major at Davidson College.

“There are older dogs too, but the puppies are more popular.”

Not only are college students gaining from the experience, the puppies are, too.

“The college student is reducing stress, while the puppy gets the proper amount of attention that a little bundle of love needs,” Kent said.

Jocelyn Kelly, double major in political science and international studies at Pepperdine University, said the Pepperdine students have definitely seemed to catch the puppy fever.

“I definitely think it is popular,” Kelly said. “It seemed like people were very excited to pet the puppies, and there was always a long line.”

Kelly also said puppy- love lowers blood pressure and stress in one’s body while boosting other important pleasure-seeking chemicals such as serotonin and dopamine.

She added studies have proved to heighten these hormones when doing things like petting a dog.

As a result of seeing other universities as a stress successful, some California Baptist University students feel it would be beneficial to have a puppy play day at midterms and finals to help alleviate stress.

“I know it would be a great success,” said Tasha Short, junior psychology major. “It would give students a fun study break to look forward to.”

Puppies can reduce stress, lower blood pressure and bring joy to the lives of drained college students.

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