June 5, 2023

By Hannah Llop


For many, college is a time when one grows and develops into the person he or she would like to become.

During this time, Christians grow in spiritual maturity or lose faith entirely.

That is why many believe it is important to give God daily consideration and time during the day.

College tends to introduce many temptations. As a believer, it can become a challenge to keep strong in serving God and continue walking in faith.

“When you go to college, it is typically the first time you are on your own and you can do what you want,” said Joseph Grabowski, junior applied theology major. “The freedom and pressure of temptations can be really overwhelming.”

Putting God first can strengthen one’s relation- ship with God mentally and spiritually when one continues to deeply strive for the Lord.

“I personally make God a priority in my everyday life,” Grabowski said. “I make sure to get in his word daily and spend time in prayer and devotion. I have found memorizing Scripture is helpful when it comes to keeping

Christ in my thoughts.” Grabowski said reading Scripture is what guards Christians from spiritual attacks that come daily. California Baptist University encourages daily communication with God and as a result, many different opportunities are offered to students.

Chapel services are held three days a week, spread- ing the Gospel is encouraged and FOCUS groups are provided for freshmen as a way of adjusting to college life.

“Being a FOCUS leader has surrounded me with genuine Christian people who encourage me to pursue righteousness,” said Brianna Leiford, junior early childhood studies major and FOCUS leader. “The FOCUS group has kept me accountable, such as having a desire to be a godly example to my students.”

Leiford said many college students live for the now and what is satisfying in the moment. As a result, they miss the bigger picture of how losing focus on God at an early age can put them in danger of weakening their relationship with him in the long-term.

This is why having a strong relationship with God is important.

Living a Christian lifestyle in college can be difficult; however, the best way to be prepared is by seeking a relationship with God.

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