March 2, 2024

Feel fuller while eating less. While many enjoy eating as much as they can people have now started to realize that it is better to cut down on large quantities of food by eating less every meal.

There are a couple of secrets in order to help students feel fuller while still  eating less food.

Drinking two 8-ounce glasses of water before each meal will help fill the stomach. This can  eliminate up to 60 calories per meal .

“I drink as much water (as I can) before I eat,” said Hernan Sanchez, senior political science major.“I also chew on ice for a snack.”

Eating a plate of salad can help  curve cravings. It is best to eat the salad 10 minutes before the main meal in order to reduce excess eating before the main meal.

Eating slower often helps one feel fuller faster. Typicaly, people will continue eating until they are stuffed and then feel sick; however, slowing down when eating can help the body feel more satisfied after consumption.

Try to take a few minutes to chew the food and savor the different taste. Try counting to 20 before swallowing. Chewing slowly can help reduce the amount of food one takes in
per  meal.

Finishing everything on the plate often feels more satisfying. Eating on a smaller plate can be better because the visual signal of an empty plate will tell the brain it is full.

The amount of food eaten in each meal plays an important role. Most students eat and drink more when served larger portions. Choosing smaller portions can help one lose weight.

When sitting down before a meal, make sure to use smaller utensils rather than  larger ones. The smaller the fork, the less food  to consume.

Consuming whole fruits rather than juices is beneficial because of the natural fiber found in fruits has been stripped from store-bought juices.

Eating a whole fruit before a meal is healthy because most fruits contains  water and fiber that can promote nutrition and cause the body to not consume a large volume of food.

“My mom and I have been blending fruits and vegetables and drinking it before we eat,” said Maxine Martinez, senior biology major. “It fills me up a bit before eating solid foods, helping me get fuller quicker.”

It is also helpful to eat frequently and avoid skipping meals.

Skipping a meal can result in overeating for the next meal because the body feels excessively hungry. Small meals every 2 to 3 hours will help reduce hunger pains throughout the day.

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