May 27, 2023

99 Ranch Market, an international market in Corona,  offers affordable, fresh products and has become the market of choice for many California Baptist University students.

99 Ranch Market offers a variety of different products ranging from exotic produce to live seafood that will not empty a college student’s wallet.

“Our selection can include anything from your everyday banana and apple to more exotic items such as jackfruit and baby bok choy, which is native to East Asia,” said Mark Wu, creative manager at 99 Ranch Market, about the store’s items.

The store also has an Asian gourmet kitchen and  bakery with a cafe for customers to enjoy homemade pasteries and boba drinks.

Many college students have seen the international market’s low prices as an opportunity to save money.

“I shop at fresh markets to get better quality produce at reasonable prices,” said Rebecca Malamma,  senior Christian behavioral science major.

Wu said 99 Ranch Market is able to offer competitive pricing on produce because the store has a strong relationship with local vendors who can offer them quality products to sell at their stores.

The international market imports its own pre-packaged Asain foods. Becasue of this there is little or no sales tax on their products, which makes their prices more affordable.

“Typically, I buy produce because I love the berries, apples and avocados,” Malamma said. “International markets also provide a better variety of produce.”

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