October 1, 2023

Making new friends while competing in sports can be a great way to get connected at California Baptist University.

Through intramurals, students have the opportunity to bring his or her best game and challenge others in a competitive sport.

There are opportunities for everyone wishing to join intramurals. Community Life offers a wide variety of sports including flag football, volleyball, basketball, soccer and more.

This school year, a ramp shot tournament, a two-week tournament, three-on-three basketball and two-week softball tournament in the spring were all added to the intramural options.

Along with seasonal sports, Community Life hosts an event called Rec-It-Fridays, in which one Friday a month the staff organizes various recreational activities. Upcoming Rec-It-Fridays include spikeball, lawn games and slip-n-slide kickball.

Eric Perez, business administration graduate student, said he has been heavily involved in intramurals at CBU. Perez has participated in all sports and said flag football has been his favorite.

“I encourage others to join any type of intramural sport to be a part of the CBU culture and create community with others, giving you more connections that weren’t there before,” Perez said.

This year, Community Life has done its best to take the busy schedules of college students into consideration.

“We’re trying different league lengths to see what works best with people’s schedules,” said Marnie Kavern, program coordinator of Intramurals. “Some people can’t commit to the usual six-week league so we’re trying some two-week leagues as well as single-day tournaments.”

Students who join intramural sports not only gain new skill sets in different sports but also build relationships and create bonds with their friends and teammates.

“It’s really exciting to see connections being made within students who have a passion for sports and want to meet people,” Kavern said.

Raymond Vargas, sophomore electrical and computer engineering major, said he became more involved in intramural sports at CBU this fall.

“My friends play and I wanted to meet new people and just playing a sport is fun as well,” Vargas said.

Vargas said he has been a part of flag football, volleyball, dodgeball and spikeball. He represents the sport with spike ball stickers on his backpack, socks and his Hydro Flask. Last year, he and his partner placed third but Vargas said he is hoping to win first place this year.

With many men’s and women’s teams, co-ed, recreational and competitive sports to join, Community Life offers a variety of options for the CBU community. Students can create their own team as a captain or join an already existing team.

Intramural sports has been a way for students to stay active, grow their circle of friends, and become an active part of the CBU community. To join, register online at intramurals.calbaptist.edu.

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