May 25, 2024

WooFest is back for its annual show. From captivating musical performances to jaw-dropping dance routines, the event on March 2O held inside the Fowler Events Center demonstrated the vibrant creativity and talent within the student body.

One of the standout performances of the evening was a mesmerizing dance routine by T-Time. The dancers seamlessly danced across the stage, delivering a visually stunning performance. The precision displayed by the dancers left the audience captivated, earning them a roaring round of applause.

In the weeks leading up to WooFest, excitement buzzed throughout the campus as students prepared for their moment in the spotlight. Singers rehearsed their vocal runs and perfected their pitch, while dancers fine-tuned their choreography and synchronized their movements.

Dariya Fomichenko, junior communication studies major and RA, explained that much more occurred behind the scenes.

“Preparation for WooFest takes months. As an RA on the WooFest committee, we started planning in November of 2023,” Fomichenko said.

WooFest, the show we all love, takes time, with auditions, theme preparation, decor planning and more. Fomichenko provided insight into the planning process. 

“First voting on the theme and splitting it into subcommittees. Once the second semester started, we had weekly committee meetings leading up to the event. It takes a while to prepare for WooFest overall, and every team member is important for putting the event together,” Fomichenko said.

Musical talents were also on full display, with students showcasing their vocal prowess and instrumental skills. One particularly memorable performance was a rendition of a popular hit song, “You Belong with Me,” by Taylor Swift, performed by Angel Araujo, junior Psychology major, and her friend Malia Lizama, senior health science major, whose harmonious vocals and dynamic stage presence left a lasting impression on the audience.

“We auditioned at the very last minute; we were not even going to do it, but one of our friends mentioned we should just do it and make the most of it,” Araujo said. 

The talent show provided a platform for students to showcase their passion and dedication to their craft. Whether belting out a show-stopping hit like “You Know How I Feel” by Nina Simone or an original song that tugged at all our heartstrings, the talent show served as a celebration of the talent and creativity in the college community.

Alexis Lim, senior psychology major, shared how the performances brought so much passion and energy to the event. 

“While everyone displayed such immense talent and courage during their performances, my favorite part of the show had to have been ‘Lovely Eyes’ because they brought such an unexpected sense of humor and excitement to the crowd,” Lim said.

The audience’s reactions ranged from loud applause to laughter as they witnessed the remarkable skill and ingenuity showcased.

“It is also sweet to see the CBU students come together to support their fellow students, and seeing audience reactions is so wholesome,” Fomichenko said. “I also love getting to see the hidden talents within our students. It is also an added plus to get dressed up.”

Overall, the audience left the talent show feeling grateful for the opportunity to witness the extraordinary capability of their peers and looking forward to next year’s showcase.

As the final notes faded and the last dancers exited the stage, the resounding applause echoed throughout the auditorium, a testament to the success of the evening. WooFest had not only entertained but also inspired, leaving attendees with a renewed appreciation for the power of music and dance. As they departed, audience members carried memories of the exceptional performances they had witnessed with them.

Beyond the performances, the talent show highlighted the importance of community and camaraderie within CBU. WooFest served as a reminder of the rich talent within the CBU community. Students, faculty, and staff came together to support their classmates and celebrate their achievements, creating a sense of unity. 

“WooFest is a very fun and unique event that is a great time to spend with friends and the CBU community,” Fomichenko said. “It is awesome to see the talents of your fellow students, get dressed up, and watch the show!”

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