April 14, 2024

If you can’t pay the time, don’t do the crime. This commonly used phrase can also apply to the world of sports; if you’re afraid of getting hurt, don’t play sports, because chances are it will happen eventually. Aside from the normal cuts, sprains and bruises, sometimes there are random injuries that are either shocking or just outright hilarious.

#1: A Crushed Eye-Socket:

It seems as though CBU has some extremely powerful volleyball players, one of which is Seidu Ajanako. According to Coach Mcguyre, Ajanako crushed the eye socket of a player at University of Southern California and his eye filled with blood and was temporarily blinded. Ajanako also knocked out a fellow teammate in practice; watch out opposing volleyball players!

#2: Cauliflower Ear:

Although cauliflower ear is something that seems to be quite common within the wrestling community, it made the list of top five random sports injuries because of the fact that it is only seen in wrestling. And also because of what cauliflower ear actually is. Cauliflower ear is the build up of fluid in the ear after suffering a blow, which can permanently deform it, making it look similar to a cauliflower. Ouch!

#3: A Broken Nose:

Of course, a broken nose may seem fairly common, however, this broken nose was due to a head-butt in water polo. Stephanie Armstrong played as a whole set player for her high school water polo team and broke an opponent’s nose due to a head butt. Armstrong said this of the incident, “I was only trying to get her to back up and ended up head-butting her and breaking her nose.” Water polo is known for it’s rough play because of the fact that the referee cannot control what goes on under water, but this was above the surface. “The weirdest part,” Armstrong said, “was that I didn’t even get in trouble,”

#4: A Sprained Buttocks:

The derriere is an extremely difficult muscle to stretch, but it is also one that is not used very often, but somehow Josh Newton, brother to Riverside Counties local hockey superstar, Jake Newton, sprained his bottom. Ryan Blonden who grew up with the Newton’s said this when he recalled the day he heard about it, “Well, I think my initial reaction was probably the same as everyone else’s. I laughed. I mean, who sprains a butt muscle?”

#5: A Sprained Thumb:

Andy Sutton of the Anaheim Ducks sprained his thumb during a game against the Detroit Red Wings on Oct. 8th, and had surgery for it Oct. 12th. He is said to be out for six to eight weeks. Not only is this a random and pretty funny injury, but since when did doctors actually start doing something besides splints for finger injuries?

These are among many other random injuries caused by sports and the normal bumps and bruises need not be mentioned. Although these are fairly uncommon, if you’re an athlete, be aware that you too may be the victim of a random or even funny injury.