May 25, 2024

Sarah Jane O'Keefe--Enhance your beauty naturally.

Sarah Jane O'Keefe--Enhance your beauty naturally.

The phrase “beauty comes from within” is extremely well-known in our culture. It is practiced religiously in the Christian community. Though neglecting the exterior does not necessarily make the Christian holier, it may make skin healthier.

But is rejecting makeup in exchange for beautiful skin the only solution?

Hardly. Many natural brands of makeup exist and many of them are actually better for the skin than the bare, naked face is.

Take Josie Maran for example. Found at Sephora, Josie Maran is a healthy cosmetic line that uses ingredients found only in natural sources, made with little to no synthetic ingredients. Josie Maran features organic Argan oil in many of her products, adding an extra element of moisture and health. Argan oil is very rich in vitamin E and is the superhero of moisturized, soft and supple skin. It does not contain the dangerous cancer-causing parabens found in most makeup either. A variety of products are offered, covering the basics and then some.

Another trustworthy brand is Tarte, a high-performance natural brand that is one of the few labels able to claim that its products are 100 percent natural. Tarte produces everything from waterproof and anti-aging products to lash-growing serums and super-moisturizing lip stains. They have many hero ingredients, all of which their website,, clearly explains. They carry vegan makeup and are proactively green in their manufacturing practices.

Physicians Formula is a popular brand among high school and college students, primarily because it is budget-friendly and readily available at the local drugstore. It is a hypoallergenic brand, which means that it will not irritate most skin types. It also is formulated without any of the 100 known irritating ingredients commonly used in makeup. This brand employs the power of minerals, using them as the basis for every makeup product they carry.

One of the most popular natural brands of all time is Bare Escentuals, which has proven to be a very reliable brand for all skin types. Mineral powders are the basis for the bulk of their products, including foundations, eye shadows, concealers and blushes. The best part of Bare Escentuals is that it is an affordable brand and its quality supersedes that of Physicians Formula. The coverage is buildable without “caking” up. There are often promotions, sales and discounts for Bare Escentuals at the local Sephora.

As beneficial, fun and glamorous as these natural cosmetic brands are, remembering that true beauty really does come from within is imperative. A beautiful face is nothing without the heart to match.