September 28, 2023
Joshua Zubia -- Rock climbing at Hangar 18 is one of the many ways that students stay in shape off campus
Joshua Zubia — Rock climbing at Hangar 18 is one of the many ways that students stay in shape off campus

While California Baptist University’s school gym is not available to the student population and the Student Recreation Center is still under construction, students must find other ways to obtain a solid workout to stay in the best possible shape.

“With the recreation center scheduled opening being delayed from September to early December, there is now a gap in time in which the university does not have a fitness facility that is open to the general student population,” said Chris Hofschroer, director of Community Life.

For some students this has affected their normal exercise routines. Whether a student is interested in an intensive cardio, calorie-burning workout, or a muscle-building session, there are ways of finding fitness on and off campus until the recreation center’s completion.

Additional places to exercise around campus include the Lancer Aquatic Center (Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 11 a.m.-7 p.m., Tuesday and Thursday, 11 a.m.-6 p.m. and Saturday, 1-5 p.m., unless an event is scheduled); the outdoor basketball courts, the sand volleyball courts and tennis courts.

Students can also take advantage of CBU’s Community Life recreation rentals. The full list of possible recreational rentals is available in the game room.

“Some of the most popular rented items are the tents, and a close second is the basketballs, footballs and soccer balls,” said Jon McWhorter, Community Life program director.

Jonathan Donald, senior music major, said he is interested in finding other ways of exercising on campus in this transition period. He has found substitutions, such as P90X and Insanity exercise videos, using the pull-up bars by the volleyball courts, and doing jump training near the former fitness center.

Off Campus
Theresa Phan, sophomore psychology major, has found local fitness gyms to be most beneficial.

Phan purchased a membership for 24 Hour Fitness through Costco, which was priced at a fraction of the original cost. The facility offers a variety of classes, training coaches and equipment for the members, to get the best desired workout possible.

“I mostly do resistance workouts because I don’t like to do cardio,” Phan said. “Resistance workouts are like abdominal workouts to help get the body more lean.”

Another off-campus site with a positive student review is the Riverside kick boxing gym called K.O. A number of students take advantage of this nearby fitness center, including Liz Crate, sophomore visual arts major. She has been a regular at K.O. for almost two years and it has become a part of her routine.

“I mostly do a training routine called Cross-fit,” Crate said. “It is a combination of cardio, muscle building, and it focuses on overall fitness the way the military works out and trains.”

Paul Estes, junior business major, has a monthly membership at Hangar 18 and highly recommends this center for anyone who is looking to have fun while also getting a great workout. Hangar 18 is a gym containing more than a dozen different rockclimbing walls. Each wall caters from beginning rock-climbers to experts.

“Hangar 18 provides a great variety of athletic activity for students of all different levels of athletic ability,” Estes shared. “It is fun, exciting, and gets my blood pumping.”

Hofschroer added, “We are excited for this new facility and appreciate your patience as we finish up this new, state-of-the-art, student recreation center.

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