Cellphones hinder workouts

Tweeting, texting, “liking,” skipping and shuffling are all things done on a regular basis. However, social media can become a distraction at the gym. Stopping a workout to respond to a text, post a status or switch a song can break concentration, resulting in fewer calories burned.

To avoid cellphone interruption at the gym, one can try using other devices for music, such as an iPod. The iPod Shuffles can help prevent distraction because they do not have  screens.

Dylan Sellars, a personal trainer at LA Fitness in San Bernardino, Calif., said,I recommend an iPod because it has less distractions and will help people focus more on their workout.”

Excess time on the phone during a workout can trick people into thinking they got a better workout than they actually did, Sellars said.

“After they are done, they lift a few weights and then get up to leave,” Sellars said. “It is important not to break concentration.”

Sellars’ personal preference is to leave his phone behind.

Christiana Armstrong, junior psychology major, said, “When I look at my phone at the gym, it is mainly to change music. Often times, five minutes will go by before I continue the exercise I was doing.”

While cellphones are useful, they are a distraction at the gym.

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