July 13, 2024

Whether trying to satisfy a hiking obsession or capture a quality Instagram picture, the 3.2-mile hiking trail located near Norco not only features beautiful scenery, but a giant rock painted as a jack-o’-lantern.

Although it usually receives moderate foot traffic, hiking accounts on social media are taking notice of this unusual spectacle on the trail. It is unknown who started the tradition of painting the rock, but locals have started to keep it up.

Jade Dalton, sophomore psychology and criminal justice double major, recently visited the trail and said she enjoyed the short, steep trail.

“From the bottom you can see the pumpkin and it doesn’t look far away, but it’s pretty steep so it was a good quick leg workout,” Dalton said. “Then once you’re up there, there’s a good view of Norco. We went before sunset and it was a beautiful view of the sun setting from the top.”

Hiking is a great way to  discover the surrounding community while getting great exercise.

Tyler Cox, director of Recreational Programs with Community Life, wants students to take advantage of what is around them, and enjoy the outdoors.

“People at Cal Baptist in Riverside don’t realize how close we are to so many good trails,” Cox said. “Go see something you haven’t seen, and go see what is around you.”

Dominick Copas | CBU Banner

Cox has not hiked Pumpkin Rock before, but has heard very positive things about the trail.

“It is something that I have read about, but have never been to. But all the reviews say it is a good, easy hike and you just get to see something that you don’t normally get to see,” Cox said.

Of course, Pumpkin Rock is not the only trail worth hiking. In fact there are numerous amounts of trails in a 45-mile radius of campus.

“You can really get to some incredible things,” Cox said.

For beginner hikers, Cox suggested that it is best to start with a group of people. Community Life hosts events for all skills levels, even the most novice of hikers to get motivated.

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