April 14, 2024
College can be challenging but maintaining a healthy mindset in one’s life can help with adjusting to campus life. While studying in college is stressful, making time for one’s own physical health is key to maintaining balance. Students with a positive mindset should be able to form new healthy lifestyle habits, perhaps starting with physical fitness. Long-term changes to behavior are more likely when fueled by self-motivation and positive thinking, according to Harvard Health Publishing. The California Baptist University Recreation Center is a good resource for students to either stay healthy or improve their health while also dealing with a busy college schedule. The Rec Center is equipped with a weight room, cardio equipment, basketball and volleyball courts and a turf track with a futsal soccer field, among other things, to give students plenty of options. The Rec Center’s own hashtag, #DiversifyYourFitness, is meant to encourage students to try a variety of methods to work out, such as new classes or workouts instead of always repeating the same fitness routine. “It reminds you to change things up so that your body doesn’t plateau or get used to one thing, and it keeps you interested and motivated,” said Stefani Plummer, director of the Rec Center. Raina Simms, sophomore pre-nursing and forensic chemistry double major, tried a variety of classes with friends during her first year at CBU. “I had a hard time finding motivation to work out until I took the classes provided by the Rec Center,” Simms said. “I took deep stretch, sometimes Zumba and a few cardio kickboxing classes.” The Rec Center has a “24/7” initiative this fall to encourage students to work out regularly. Students who sign up and complete 24 workouts within seven weeks starting Oct. 1 will receive a free T-shirt for their accomplishment. Lilia Riccio, sophomore history major, said she enjoys doing activities such as racquetball or tennis as opposed to doing traditional workouts because she enjoys having variety in her fitness routine. “It is easy to forget you are exercising when you are having fun with friends,” Riccio said. “Once you put yourself in a frame of mind that you can do something, you’re more likely to succeed.” Whether students choose to work out or not, in or out of the Rec Center, fueling their new college lifestyles with positive thinking will help motivate them to  take steps in the right direction.

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