June 5, 2023
Photo by Joshua Zubia
“Portion control as well as the integration of fruits, vegetables and whole grains into holiday diets can help prevent an unhealthy holiday.”

Eating healthy during the holiday season is important to remember, because over-eating can have very serious consequences.

“When you eat too much food, you just want to lie around,” said Wayne Fletcher, chair of the Department of Health Sciences. “But when you lie around, your body doesn’t metabolize and it turns into fat.”

There are several ways to keep yourself from overeating during the holidays to save yourself from gaining those extra pounds.

Mentally prepare before large meals and parties.
“Before any large meal, I really try to be mindful about overeating, especially during Christmas,” Pardini said.

Staying mindful of what you eat and how much you eat is important.

“I try to avoid foods with a lot of dairy in them during large meals,” said Marissa C. Padilla, senior communication studies major.

It is also important to be mindful of how much you eat. “Limit yourself to one plateful,” Fletcher said.

Snacking and drinks with high calories add up; pay attention to what you eat before, during and after a meal.

“Portion control is so important. Your body doesn’t know it’s full until 20 minutes after you finish, so it’s really important to be mindful,” said Padilla.

Provide options
“Eating healthy during the holidays makes you feel better, look better and your clothes fit better,” said Fletcher.

The holidays may be known for plethoras of desserts and dishes but just because you are the guest, does not mean you cannot contribute to the party with a healthier dish option. Most hosts appreciate the thought, and most guests appreciate the added options.

Keep moving
Despite the weather, keeping active during the holidays is important for your metabolism.

“Exercising is important,” Fletcher  said. “You continue to not only feel good about yourself, but you keep your metabolism going and the pounds off.”

Jogging is one way to keep the metabolism going.

“I went jogging everyday over break because I had three thanksgiving dinners to go to,” Padilla said.

Remember, it is OK to splurge during the holidays, as long as you remember to keep active and to know your limits.
The holidays should be for spending time with family and friends.

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